Kahani Project is the love child of the people behind it: creative writers, artists and freethinking bohemians, who believe in the good ol’ dream of a more inclusive world. In this fast-paced age of scrolling and swiping ‘stories’, we believe that the essence of real storytelling is fading out: stories that have ignited our folk landscapes and have travelled from the hearts and minds of our ancestors to us.

What are the stories that we want to leave behind for the generations to come? Social media stories? In short, when our lives are infested with a consumerist and a toxic breaking and fake news culture, fiction is what we need. This is exactly why the Kahani Project has come into being: a first of its kind literary collaboration between India and Pakistan that brings together short story writers and visual artists for a journey that transcends borders. 


‘The Other in the Mirror’ is a rare literary anthology, featuring twenty authors from India and Pakistan, with stories that bring warmth to the barren inner lands that have remained frozen since partition.

The anthology, edited by Sehyr Mirza, has been released by Yoda Press in India and Folio Books in Pakistan.


Over 40 visual artists from India and Pakistan — apart from several voice-actors, sound designers & musicians — are collaborating to produce a mid-length hand drawn 2D animated film, based on some of the stories from the book. The f


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